Policies: Appointments

Must be secured with a credit card at the time of reservation. $25 service will be charged to your credit card or upon your next visit for cancellations and appointments missed without a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call the salon THAT your are booked with. Please arrive on time for your appointment to ensure full service as we may have to reschedule your appointment if you are more than fifteen (15) minutes late. Please inform us of any special needs, allergies, or sensitivities you may have, so that we may better accommodate you. Please be aware that when booking with Ale Bonilla & other Educators, there is a possibility of your appointment needing to be rescheduled due to travel and education commitments.



Esoterica Salon accepts American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and Cash. Sorry, NO Checks.



Gratuity is customary for good service and always left to the discretion of our clients.


CONSULTATION- have an in depth consult with your stylist prior to ANY service. Discuss pricing and available options.

In consideration of services that are to be rendered to me, I hereby assume all risks of any nature whatsoever to my person and property attendant upon the use of materials and performance of said services now and at any time in the future, and herewith, release Esoterica Studios inc. performing the services jointly and severally from all liability. Clients must be at least 18 years of age or have parent /guardian signature.

QUOTES during consultations are estimated starting pricing only and is determined by the length of time, amount of additional services or product used in the hair.

HEALTH of each individual determines outcome of hair color especially with hormone medication, thyroid issues, pregnancy, anesthesia, alcohol and drugs

ALL SERVICES ARE NON REFUNDABLE. Adjustments may be made at no cost to pro rated depending on each situation.



Due to the custom nature of EACH guest service, NOT all desired outcomes bay be achieved or possible. Your Stylist will recommend a realistic look for your face shape, eye color, skin tone and lifestyle based on many factors. Certain colors may require SEVERAL salon visits, multiple application services and may cause damage to the hair. Current online trends consist of wigs, photo shop, filters and give false expectations in real life. Monetary investment, regular upkeep, professional products, at home maintenance will be required to take the color journey.

Color does not lift color and requires chemical removal. When removing pigments color will NATURALLY turn warm (red, orange, yellow). Your stylist will do everything possible to neutralize these unwanted tones but is NOT always possible. When going darker your stylist must FILL your hair with warm colors to avoid an ashed out look (green, blue, grey, violet).



Creme de Cocoa and Extreme Renewal are NOT a hair straightening systems however these treatments do control frizz, soften existing texture, add shine, add silkiness to the hair, make styling much easier and faster.

Brazilian Renewal does offer the maximum straighting out of ALL services we offer. These services last an average of 90 days of benefits. Some require up to 48 hours prior to shampooing. 

Express version available (up to 5weeks)
Formaldahyde FREE version also avaialble 

Warranty voided if you are NOT using our required products at home or following the instructions for home care. Be sure to not burn your hair at home by turning the heat down and using a thermal protective spray. We recommend Keratherapy 20 in one.



1. ALWAYS use salon professional product we recommend
2. When shampooing, lather hair in warm water and pull lather from roots to end. Do NOT rub strands between palms. 
3. When conditioning, lift hair in rows and apply conditioner in same manner as shampoo keeping off extenstion base. Rinse in cool water.
4. Blow dry as little as possible on as low heat as possible. NEVER brush hair wet (easily damgaged), only comb or wet brush.
7. All heat tools are permitted in moderation and medium heat or less!
8. Sleep in a loose braid or braided pigtails (dry only). It does not have to be perfect.
9. DAILY run fingers or wet brush from above the bond, breaking apart any bonds that might have grown together.
10. AVOID swimming, high tight pony tails, excessively putting your hands in hair
11. Expected 10% extetnsion loss, hold on to reapply during scheduled maintenance. 
12. most extenstion can be reused at least once but expected to buy more. 
13. WARRENTY VOIDED if you do NOT make or show up to the TIDY UP CUT at 5 week mark.


THANK YOU! - Hair Ninja


We can accomodate late evening appointments, however, if the last appointment runs past our closing time, we require the guest to pre pay. Thank you for the understanding as we would like our staff to walk out together at the end of the night for safety. 

Levels of Education

Level 1 Stylist

1 year Texas cosmetology school and 6 months Esoterica advanced training


Level 2 Senior Stylist

1 year Texas cosmetology school, 1-2 years basic & advanced training, art team


Level 3 Top Stylist

All of the above and 2-3 years behind the chair, various certifications


Level 4 Art Director

All of the above and 3-4years behind the chair, photo & video shoots


Level 5 Master Stylist

All of the above and 5+ years behind the chair, national art team, outside international training


Level 6 Hair Ninja 10+ years BTC 10,000+ hours of master experiece. 

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