Taking TEAM building exercises to the big screen! Tired of the same old key note speaker and people falling asleep during your corporate events while trying to build employee relations?! Take the plunge into the ultimate staff experience!
Our film crew comes to your place of business. We discuss the goals of the company and staff. Our directer sits with the group and sets out a plan of action to write, shoot, edit and premiere a short movie that your company produced 100%
Ideally we can write, shoot, edit within 2-5 days. The post productions can be 1-3 weeks. The movie premiere is within 4-6 weeks of day one.
Your short film will be hosted at a local movie theater in your area. It can be staff only or included clients, friends, family as well. The short film can then be screened online publicly via youtube or any hosting platform for media buzz or future employee recruitment.
We own the footage we shoot (release it to you to use however), use licensed music and stock footage.
Your clients, friends, family can pay for commercials to be played before the movie which can help cover the cost of the CINEMA TEAM BUILDER. The commercial can then be used online for advertising purposes. 20% of the fee will be paid back to the client to help fund the experience.
Our clients have the most fun with this stage of the process! We work as a team in pre production to set up a story line, define characters, a plot, a goal, mood, direction, location, discuss tangible resources, and set roles.
Being in front of the camera or public speaking is a major fear shared by most of humanity (even over death). Our directing experience and Improv skills can help guide those who need some getting out of their shell.
Tradition group projects and team builders can get stale. Do something that you will forever remember! The joy and satisfaction of seeing a short film on the big screen in front of friends, clients, family, co workers is priceless. The confidence, leadership, creativity, team cooperation, and uncomfortable growth with this experience is most memorable.
This experience helps with eye contact, voice projection, leadership, following directions, team playing, confidence, fears, body language, creativity, and artistic freedom not often experienced by the average corporate American job.
We offer hair, make up, wigs, acting and improv coaching, directing, 4k cinema cameras, drones, under water cameras, slow motion cameras, audio, lighting, story telling ideas and even stand in actors\ talent.
PACKAGES. (estimate as dozens of factors play in final cost)
"The short" (starts at $7,500+) Up to 2 days of shooting, less than 24 employees, final project less than 10min.
"The Independent" (starts at $15,000+) Up to 3 days of shooting, less than 49 employees, final project less than 20min.
"So Hollywood" (starts at $30,000+) Up to 4 days of shooting, More than 50 employees, final project less than 30min.
Commercials: 30 sec - 90 sec custom commercials for you or your client. Our average commercial is around $1500 however that can depend greatly on talent, location, audio, sound, edits, music licensing, special FX, directing and more. 20% referral fee is given back to the client for selling the spot which can be used to pay for he CINEMA TEAM BUILDER experience.
All movies and commercials come with an agreement stating all the details of the agreement including pre production planning, down payments, time schedules, and one master edit. Additional editing is $100 an hour.
Anything is possible for the right amount of money however all out of pocket expenses not included in the Cinema Team Builder experience is the clients responsibility. Most of our clients work on a no budget set using available talent, clients, locations, props, wardrobe, hair, make up and on hand production value.
Our film team comes to you! Flights, hotels, luggage, ubers, and per Diem not included in the package price and will need to be included in the 50% down payment. Our minimum film crew consist of 2 members but can be as large 8 members depending on the needs of the experience. Welcome us back for your premiere as we can provide laptop to play the movie with proper connections to the commercial projector, and event video and photo coverage. (you can also provide your own laptop to play the file yourself, or hire local photographers for event coverage)
Movie theater fees are separate and range depending on the size of the event, number of theaters, food, beverage, and time rented. As an example:

A small event of less than 55 people can run $1200+ with a medium size theater, mic to speak, appetizers, staff, tax, gratuity and 2 hours of rental time at a Movie Tavern. We also come back for the event to shoot a recap video, take red carpet pictures and event pictures to capture the final experience.


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