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guest color questionnaire

Guest Questionnaire
Apple pages format. If not compatible with your systems, copy the info below and email to us. Answers need to be in another color font or all caps. Thanks!
Guest Quesitonnaire apple
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Quotes can only be performed in person for most accurate determination. The final price depends on how many processes your hair takes, toners, fillers, pre lightens, foiling, painting, etc. Color services have a starting price.  COPY AND PASTE FORM TEXT, COMPLETELY ANSWER QUESTIONS, AND EMAIL IT TO: Please make answers a different color font or all caps. Thanks!


Full name


Mobile number




What chemical history does your hair have? (Hair grows roughly 6 inches for every year)








If you are not sure, it is best to describe your color experience.


If any of the above concern you,

Who did it?


With what brand?


How long ago?


Were you happy with it?


What is your natural hair level? 

Scale 1 - 10 (1 black, 5 med brown, 10 lightest blonde)

(hint look at your eye brows and new growth)


What % of gray hair do you have?


What is your desired level?

Scale 1 - 10 (1 black, 5 med brown, 10 lightest blonde)


What is your desired tone? EX: red, gold, violet, ash, beige, platinum, rich brown, etc.)

Please include a picture of what color you like (does not have to be of hair)


What is your daily style routine with your hair?


How often do you shampoo? 


What at home products are you using?


How often are you adding heat to your hair? (ex: curl or flat iron)


What is more important to you, having long hair or the right color?


Have you recently had any anesthesia, pregnancy, or been on hormone medication?


In all of your past salon experiences on a scale from 1- 10, how happy are you generally with work performed?


What concerns do you have about your hair now? (EX: thinning, volume, dryness, feeling brittle, etc.)



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