Amber Joe

level 1 stylist


Boot camp certified


Cut\ color specialist

Braid expert

Hairskeen certified

Keratherapy certified

Onstage hair extension certified

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Maira Barbie Mondragon

Level 1 Stylist


Graduate of Ogle Dallas for cosmetology school hold 2 year of experience. Got American crew certified while attending school after graduating I became a licensed hairstylist in 2018. I then decided Jump started my career at Drybar uptown and joined the esoterica team in 2020. My love for hair started at the age of 14 when my brother bought me my first curling iron. I am best know as the food and snacks plug, in my free time I love to cook food and bake.


Currently taking Esoterica Boot camp for all things in ESSENTIAL HAIRDRESSING.


Color, cuts, hair replacement, extensions, braziial blowout, keratins, etc.



Yeni Flores

Level 1 Stylist


Boot camp certified

Hairskeen certified

Keratherapy certified

Onstage hair extension certified

English \ Spanish

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Nekesa Mohler level 5 Master Stylist

7+ years with Esoterica

MCE (Master color expert with Wella)

NYC global studio trained

Next Level Stylist educator & platform artists

Boot camp approved with the Hair Ninja

Toni & Guy Academy Alumni

Hairskeen certified

Keratherapy certified

Onstage hair extension educator


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Level 4 Salon Coordinator & Educator Dallas, click image to facebook stalk

MEGAN arrington 

Level Four Art Director



Any fashion pet peeves?

Socks with sandals!!!! bleh :/

Funniest client story?
When I did an older lady's hair (80 years old) at the end of her service I told her she looked like a SEXY LADY & she shook her booty (walking with her walker and all) and said "OOOHHH YEA"!! lol :)


What smell reminds you of Hair School?



Who is your industry mentor?

Any bad "A"  professional that I can learn from

Favorite quote from a client?
On dating.....
"I'm 50! And I have like 4 men I'm talking to, you gotta get out there and play the field, honey!"
Best perk about your Career?
Making ppl feel like ROCKSTARS && having FUN while I do it!
Can't live without which Sebastian product & why?

Shine Crafter for style and shine. Dry Clean Only because who doesn't love a dry shampoo?!?! Drench shampoo & conditioner for my thirsty HAIR.


Favorite service to do to a client?

Anything really!




Any nicknames you go by?

ROCKSTAR,  X-TREME, Megtastic, Meggers


What are you scared of?

FAILING! Which is NOT an option.


Ever been in love?



What are your favorite things to do when you're not styling hair?
Spending time with friends & family, kicking back outside somewhere, enjoying a few adult beverages, while jamming out to some good ole ROCK & ROLL OR on the LAZY, I'm-a-VAMPIRE days, NETFLIX-ing it up!


What's your favorite food you thought you would never try?


What’s playing on your playlist?
A7X, Artic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Prince, Michael Jackson, Muse, ETC.
And when I'm kicking it old school & listening to the radio it's always on 97.1 The EAGLE.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

Mia Hamm, a former professional soccer player.
What super power do you wish you had?
Reading MINDS! I always look at ppl and wonder what they are thinking.


Where did you grow up and what was it like?

North Richland Hills "THA HILLS", and it was for the most part awesome. It's close to everything (shopping, food, fun) and I was in the middle of Ft. Worth and Dallas.


What are some of the crazy fads you and your friends went through?

JNCO pants, OMG they are AWFUL, but had a cool acronym "Judge None, Choose One."

Is there anything in particular that you wish you could do over?
I try not to DWELL on past decisions or situations.
What things do you find yourself doing that you said you'd never do?
Entertaining people. Was shy growing up and then just one day came out of my shell. Love making ppl smile and laugh :)
Tell me a time in your life that was a time you'll never forget.
Waking up from knee surgery and the first thing I said to my Mom was, "I WANT Chicken Express! Can we please please please go get some NOW!?!?!"
What is something you're really proud of and why?
Opening up easier and being the REAL me. Expressing myself and not giving a hoot about all the HATERS. Less stressful! :) Less stress = MORE FUN!
What are some goals you're still trying to accomplish?
To gain more SUCCESS in life and career-wise & being happy & having FUN in all future endeavors!
Dr. Pepper or Coke?
Adult Bevs & if I had to choose D.P. all the way
Mac or PC?
PC...... Macs are hella confusing LOL
Sun block or Tan?
Sun block all day every day. #Palekid
Facial hair or clean shaven?
Eehhh.... Either
Heels or flats?
If there is a lot of walking involved FLATS indeed,  otherwise WEDGES!
Left Twix or Right Twix?
Does it really matter?!?! They both taste the same. :)
Six Flags or Hurricane Harbor?
Love the THRILL of BOTH!!! Both include multiple applications of sunblock!!
Ale Bonilla (President Esoterica) Level 5 Stylist, Sebastian Design Team Click picture to conect on Facebook.


Name: Alejandro Rey Bonilla


Any nicknames you go by?

Ale or Hair Ninja

What are your favorite things to do outside of the salon?

Cinema, photography, model hunt, travel, people watch, dining, kick it with the family, workout, & watch Tosh.0

What's your favorite food that you thought you would NEVER try?

Eel & rabbit sausage.

What's on your playlist?

Yelawolf, Girl talk, Portugal the man

Any body piercings or tattoos?

Used to have my nipples, belly button & eyebrow pierced, ink-free zone.

If you could have any superpower what would it be & why?

Teleportation because I hate traffic & planes.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Astronaut or a Ninja Turtle

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

Fort Worth & it was amazing. Little Ale had the best childhood & was groomed to be a successful leader & entrepreneur by his parents. Thanks, guys!


What are some of the crazy fads you and your friends went through?

Jnco's when we all Broke Dance, channel 45 local cable dance show, & Lowriders of course.

What things do you find yourself doing that you said you'd never do?

Flying on planes & taking days off work.

Tell me a time in your life that was a time you'll never forget.

Mowing yards as a kid. I would spend hours alone thinking of ways to make more money & it was so therapeutic. 

The Dallas night scene in my early 20's as a club promoter & the ideas it spawned for business. 

What is something you're really proud of and why?

When my parents say they are proud of me. "When I grow up I'm going to be just like Alejandro" - Chris Bonilla (father)

What are some goals you're still trying to accomplish?

Inspire the world through my craft, education, cinema, & photography (capturing souls one at a time)

What are you scared of?

Drowning & having my phone die.

Ever been in love?

One too many times but it feels great to feel. Maybe little ninja soon! 




How long have you been in the Hair industry & how did you get started?

23 years & I had a neighbor kid ask me to fade him up. I did a good job & craved more. I haven't gone more than one week without doing hair since I was 13 years old.


What Sebastian product can you NOT live without?

Whipped crème is to die for! I use it on everyone & myself when I want to show off my mane.


Favorite client quote?

“You go tell Ale that he used to cut my hair in his garage!”- Patrick Ramos


What is your favorite service to do on a client?

Full makeover. I like it when someone trusts me so much to make them look good & feel good.


Why do you love your career?

Making clients cry. The feeling you changed someone's life with self-esteem & beauty so much that they cry tears of joy! So rewarding.


Any Fashion pet peeves?

Ladies, hide your damn bobby pins & at least use the right color for your hair.


What smell reminds you of hair school?

Rotten eggs & smoke. (Perms & lil old ladies who only shampooed their hair weekly)


Tell us about your first haircut.

My first clipper cut was at the tender age of 13, it went well. My first woman's haircut was at the age of 15. The consultation went like this: “How many layers do you want? 2 or 3? LOL!

Training & Certifications:

Ogle school of cosmetology Alumni, Video education for the state, Employer of the year, Advisory board

Toni & Guy classic, advanced, DFW educator for 3 years, advisory board DFW

Additional advisory boards: Duvall's, Paul Mitchell, ITS Academy, Avenue 5, Rusk shows, classes, & host for 5 years

Wella color, wet line, & world studio training with essentials in NYC

Sebastian color, wet line, & National Design team

Nioxin wet line & scalp expert

Delilah Damage free extension expert (Cold Fusion & Tape methods)

Creator of Next Level Stylist video training, producer, director, director of photography, & talent

Co-Creator of Next Level Photo editorial workshops

Esoterica Studios Cinema Producer, director, & director of photography, premiere editor

Esoterica Studios Model Agency casting director

Esoterica Studios Photographer, design, photoshop editor

Four Day Weekend Improv Level 5 graduate, Hollywood Improv workshop, Dallas Comedy House Improv free play



As seen on TV: Ogle Commercials, Texas Women season 1 & 2, Operation Rock the Troops TV episode 1, WFAA Ch8 Family     1st, CBS Ch11 Fashion forecast, InStyle magazine Sebastian spread, Blackbook magazine. 


NYFW: Charlotte Ronson, Christian Siriano



Sebastian Whats Next Awards Finalist (twice)

Ogle employer of the year

Ogle Alumni of the year

Voted by your mom best hairdresser ever.




Dr. Pepper or Coke?

No sugar for me


PC or MAC?

MAC for all my design work, PC for business


Beards or Mustaches?

Full man face, exquisite mustache, and beard!


Right Twix or Left Twix?

I always eat the right one first as I am right handed


Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate dipped everything, please!





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