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5800 Lovell Ave, Ft. Worth 76107)

817 924-1500


HOURS of operation

Tue-Fri 9am-9pm

Mon & Sat 9am-6pm

Sun Closed




509 N Bishop Ave suite E

DALLAS, TX 75208

214-946-HAIR (4247)



Tue-Fri 10am-8pm

Sat 9am-6pm

Sun 12pm- 6pm

Mon Closed



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Lacey Marie BEHIND THE CHAIR Any fashion pet peeves ? Ugg Boots and Mini Skirts. You feel me? What smell reminds you of Hair School? After Party Who is your industry mentor? Professionals I can learn from & grow my skills Favorite quote from a client? You a Bad Bitch! Best perk about your Career? Doing what I love and being able to improve self esteem. Can't live without which Sebastian product & why? Drench. Remaining hydrated is the key to beauty. Favorite service to do to a client? Complete makeovers. Evolve. BEHIND THE STYLIST Any nicknames you go by? Oh My…Lace Dog, Lacifer. Ha ha. Intrigued? What are you scared of? Failing Ever been in love? Y ep. Hopefully you have too. What's your favorite things to do when not styling hair? I like to go see live local music shows. The Fort Worth music scene is on and poppin. What's your favorite food you thought you would never try? I don’t have one. I knew I wouldn’t like it. What’s playing on your IPOD? The Dresden Dolls, WutTang Clan, City and Colour, The Knife, RL Grime, Portishead, The Used, Lamb Of God, Wiz Khalifa, Ghostland Observatory What did you want to be when you grew up? Happy and successful. Check! What super power do you wish you had? To be able to grant someone common sense because you can’t be taught that. Where did you grow up and what was it like? Fort Worth and El Paso Texas. It was a major cultural change between the two places. I loved them both and wouldn’t have changed a thing. What are some of the crazy fads you and your friends went through? Odd. I cant think of any at the moment. Is there anything in particular that you wish you could do over? Tramp Stamp. Let’s just pretend that’s not there. What things do you find yourself doing that you said you'd never do? Forgiving Tell me a time in your life that was a time you'll never forget? Hair School What is something your really proud of and why? Myself. I am happy to be able to say that now. What are some goals your still trying to accomplish? Working until I no longer have to introduce myself. JUST BECAUSE Dr. Pepper or Coke? Dr. Pepper Mac or PC? PC Sun block or Tan? Sunblock. Pale is beautiful. Duh. Facial hair or clean shaven? MUST. HAVE. HAIR. Heels or flats? Heels for sure and the only flats you will catch me in are boots or converse. The rest is for the birds. Left Twix or Right Twix? Both Six Flags or Hurricane Harbor? Six Flags but only for Fright Fest ….
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Price Menu & Services


The following prices are guidelines to help you budget your trip to Esoterica. The only way to have a price quoted exactly is to come in and talk to your stylist. We do not quote prices over the phone or online due the custom nature of every person’s hair we must evaluate each and every client for their own hair situation. FILL OUT QUESTIONNAIRE FOR EXPEDITED SALON SERVICE OR "NOT IN PERSON" ESTIMATE LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.


* Bleach lightener retouch are more expensive due to required toning.

* Children- 12 & under

* ALL haircuts include a shampoo, cut & style.

* Stylist levels range from 1-5 depending on level of experience & time with the company.

* Gratuity is customary for good service and always left to the discretion of our clients

* We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Hugs, & CASH is always good :)

* Blow dry service does not include flat iron or curl iron work, additional fee involved.

A little off the top


WOMEN $45- 85

MEN $40- 60




RETOUCH $45-70

This is a single color used at the new growth to match the pre existing color usually no more than 3 months of new growth. (Bleach retouch involves adding toner service at additional cost)



This is one color all over from scalp to ends. (Bleach service involves adding toner service at additional cost)



This is any combination of highlight or lowlight color placed in foils to give an effect from on the top half of the head. This is great to test drive color & leave your natural hair color exposed as well as the new highlights.



Custom color plus retouch between the foil on the new growth. This is our most popular color service. This is great for hiding grey & major color changes.


VIP PACKAGES 4 for $89!

Mix & match how ever you like between Blow outs & Deep Conditioning treatments up to four.


The fine print: Must redeem within 60 days of purchase, valid with level 1-2 Stylists. 


Blow outs included shampoo, condition, & blow dry, $10- 20 more for iron work, extensions, or level 3-5.


Deep Conditioning include Sebastian's Drench Treament for moisture OR Sebastian's Penetrait Treatment for Protien. Best to add on to your haircut service as it does not include blow out price. Blow out price is half off coming from color or deep conditioning service :)



Any kind of special hair style usually for weddings, pictures or events. IRON WORK: flat iron, curl iron, wave runner, braiding, or upstyling or any sort.


BLOW JOB $35-55 (up to half off with color purchase & no haircut)

Mind bending shampoo & blow out. Does not include Iron work (flat iron or curl iron) additional fee



This is any combination of color placed in foils to give an effect over the entire head.



This is any combination of color placed in foils to give an effect over the entire head plus a retouch between the foils to color the new growth.


TONER $40- $60 (up to half off with color purchase)

This service is used after any bleach lightener technique to neutralize unwanted tones & add shine.


COLOR CORRECTION $120+ consultation required

Oops! This custom service allows you to correct or change any unwanted at home color service you may have been privileged enough to rock out.




PERMS $ 85+ consultation required

Yes, we still rock perms for added texture form waves to curls! The price usually depends on the length, technique and stylists that perform this service.


KERATIN COMPLEX TREATMENTS $300+ consultation required. All FULL paying services (NOT online vouches or discounts) include shampoo, conditioner, & a complimentary trim- except express.


Original- For smooth, shiny, non frizzy, straight hair. Non damaging and safe for any hair types. Last up to 4 months. 


Express Blow out last up to 5 weeks, adds volume, and is half price or the original. (does not include trim)


Glycolic Acid Keratin last up to 90 days, no down time, you can immediately put in a pony tail or wash! $100 OFF original price.





Real human hair extensions that add volume, thickness, length, or fun colors. 


COLD FUSION: last up to 5 months, takes less than 3 hours to install, custom colors, comes in 24 inches.

$700- 900+


TAPE METHOD: last up to 8 weeks, takes less than 1 hour to install, custom colors, comes in 22 inches.


Rebond or Retape $150- $190: Re use your extension for up to one year by haviing your stylist re install them for you.



OFF site custom services

Our team is experienced in wedding, editorial, & film for your OFF site needs.

Onsite Staff hand picked & trained by Ale the Hair Ninja

half day per stylist $250 (may work on up to 4 people) less than 4 hours

Full day per stylist $500 ($50 travel fee for more than 25 miles from the salon, must provide lunch, may work on up to 8 people) up to 8 hours. Must be paid for one week in advance with a 2 week notice.


HOSPITAL OR NURSING HOME visits: Haircuts availalble with 48 hour notice upon availibility. Must be pre paid with 20% off site charge within 15 miles of the salon. Due to Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation rules & safety we can not perform duties on any patron with infectious disease for our stylists safety including open head wounds or lice. If approved, the patron must be pre shampooed before arrival and conscious at time of service. Thank you for your understanding.


Ale Bonilla's Booking rates:
Editorial photo shoots Half Day $600 \ Full Day $1200
Build your own images to attract your clients with help from the Ninja


Media Relations Half Day $400 \ Full Day $800
Have the Ninja represent your brand, MC your event, help step up your social media relations


Facilitator Half Day $500 \ Full Day $1000
customized class for your salon including products, marketing, techniques, managing


Consulting Basic to Custom packages available. $1000- $3500
get help building your brand and complete business plan.


Website building $1000 basic, $2000 advanced set up with client take over

includes SEO, social media, newsletters, images, videos, logo, & multi language.


Travel: Hotel and Flight not included. Full day must include meal
2 week notice required for above pricing
Ninja on the fly: (short notice 25% convenience fee involved)


Quotes can only be performed in person for most accurate determination. The final price depends on how many processes your hair takes, toners, fillers, pre lightens, foiling, painting,etc. Color services have a starting price.  COPY AND PASTE COMPLETED FORM TO:" 


Full name


mobile number




What chemical history does your hair have? (6 inches for every year roughly)








If you are not sure, best describe your color experience


If any of the above concern you 

Who did it?


what brand?


how long ago?


Where you happy with it?


What is your natural hair level? 

scale 1 - 10 (1 black, 5 med brown, 10 lightest blonde)

(hint look at your eye brows and new growth)


What % of gray hair do you have?


What is your desired level?

scale 1 - 10 (1 black, 5 med brown, 10 lightest blonde)


What is your desired tone? EX: red, gold, violet, ash, beige, platinum, rich brown, etc)

send a picture of what color you like (does not have to be hair)


What is your daily style routine with your hair?


How often do you shampoo? 


What at home products are you using?


How often are you adding heat to your hair? (ex: curl or flat iron)


What is more important to you, having long hair or the right color?


Have you recently had any anesthesia, pregnant, or on hormone medication?


In all your past salon experiences on a scale from 1- 10, how happy are you generally with work performed?


What concerns do you have about your hair now? (EX: thinning, volume, dryness, brittle, etc)


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